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Artist Statement

I am a process driven artist who has always been drawn to the tactility of creating with my hands. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, such as precious metals, steel, wire, diamonds and colored stones. I cast metals, set stones, fire glass, carve wax, saw-cut designs, solder joints and forge metal. I immerse myself in my work, and am constantly pushing the limitations of my skill-set and the materials to execute the work with a level of precision and quality I can pride myself on. 


I begin my creative process with a vision and then allow each piece to take me on an inspiring journey. Through the experimentation of different techniques, discovering deeper meaning within my designs or by physically pushing through exhaustion I bring my visions to life. I find this process to be instrumental in the creation of thought-provoking works. 


I aspire to innovate upon existing concepts, to bring my clients new ways of expressing themselves and their beliefs through what they wear. Not only should jewelry not require compromise of your beliefs for beauty, but should instead extend and express them.

Designs by Dounya

Is an exclusive line that fabricates individual, abstract works of art.

Each piece is uniquely handcrafted to become a One-of-a-Kind.

The artistic concept behind a Design By Dounya explores emotional phenomena - particularly emotional turmoil, the manifestation of these elusive sensations, and how they interact with our physical world.


When observed closely, shambolic emotions evolve themselves into perennial states. These emotions ebb and flow interchangeably, shaped by their surroundings, with each emotional state either reinforced or gently dissipated. These emotional sensations permeate through the body, forming an inevitable connection with both conscious and unconscious aspects of reality. 

Metal, a material of intriguing contrasts, embodies this paradox. 

The stubbornness and rigidity of metal provide both weight and structure, yet it can flow whimsically when its properties are explored.


The inherent ruggedness of metal,

coupled with the graceful motion inherent in the fabrication process, evoke sensations such as trauma and sorrow,

effortlessly intertwining within its inherent contradiction. 

A Design By Dounya piece, representing these elusive sensations, is also a depiction of a befriendment and its union. Through meticulously crafting a woven design that enhances the splendor of the stone, you'll unmistakably recognize that the piece you adorn is an exclusive creation tailored to share your unique story.

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is an extended reflection of the philosophy behind my work and rooted in the reality of the natural world humanity has cultivated itself into. 

Nature can appear beautiful to us, on our screens and periodic walks through the park; however, when observed closely, there is a sinister denunciation that humans keenly turn themselves away from…

the toxicity of human negligence.

How we interact with the world at this moment contributes to the health of the world we will live in. Our environment is a manifestation of ourselves and how we nurture one phenomenon directly communicates with another.  

If nature feels it, we all feel it... no matter our circumstance.

Doxic Jewelry is a collection that aims to reflect nature's undeniable beauty, without being blinded by the romanticization of a fantasy.

Each piece fabricated welcomes impurities and imperfections as a reflection of the scars left by human negligence. Each piece is a reminder that the Beauty in Nature's phenomena are intrinsically connected to the toxicity we allow to continue. 

This collection seeks to evolve itself over time to bring more awareness to the toxic duality of our natural environments and the civilizations that surround them.

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Connecting With Clients

"I believe in my creative vision. 

Let me help you discover your belief in yours too."

As your designer, 

I take a great deal of joy out of helping to make your idea a real work of art and hopefully create something even more beautiful than you imagine.


I will listen to your vision and ask the right  questions to deepen the depiction of your design. Collaborating my artistic capabilities and technicalities to uncover enticing possibilities within your design.


My goal is to bring more  meaning  to your finished work of art by making the design process a  Fun and memorable experience.

About The Artist

Dounya has been creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for more than ten years. She discovered her passion for jewelry making since she was seventeen years old and has been honing her skills ever since.

Dounya has five years of experience as an apprentice/bench jeweler and is certified in Advanced Stone Setting and Wax Carving Design. In addition to her training in the traditional techniques of jewelry making, she has also pursued her BFA in Metal Fabrication and Sculpture to refine her skills in digital and physical design to incorporate a contemporary, cutting-edge approach to her work.


Dounya is dedicated to producing high-quality, unique pieces that capture the essence of the fragility in chaos theory that inspires her. She has a fully-equipped studio where she creates her pieces, and is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow as an artist.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece or an everyday accessory, Dounya is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the artistry and skill of handmade jewelry.

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