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A Design by Dounya

  • 30 min
  • 100 US dollars
  • Online Meetup

A Design by Dounya piece is uniquely handcrafted with care and delicacy. This design style derives from an artistic concept which pays tribute to innocence in a chaotic environment. A phenomenon that experiences sentient exhaustion and inner havoc from external forces amidst themselves. This abstraction gives homage to their resilience and perseverance in their existence. A reflection of their ability to carry on and move past the negligence and negativity we are so familiar with today. In each Design by Dounya piece, the gemstone you choose depicts a refulgent light, the inner light of purity and innocence, cradled carefully by the twisting and turning of metal work to represent the phenomenon of this abstraction. In other words and concepts; chaos theory. Choose the stone that resonates with your inner light and allow me to create a one-of-a kind piece that reflects the story you want to tell. Whether it be manifested as a ring, necklace, or earrings... you choose and decide how the piece will speak to you. We will meet one-on-one and discuss countless possibilities. Purchase one for yourself or gift a piece to a loved one in remembrance to always know that the inner light within will never dim or falter. Book your virtual consultation appointment and we will discuss the following: Rings: 1. Ring size 2. Stone size 3. Design style 4. Setting design 5. Shadow band (optional) 6. Metal type Earrings / Pendant: 1. Post backs / Chains 2. Design style 3. Stone size 4. Setting design 5. Metal type Stone Size & Color: White Sapphire - Round (8mm) White Sapphire - Round (5mm) White Sapphire - Emerald Cut (7x5) White Sapphire - Oval (10x8) White Sapphire - Oval (7x5) Blue Sapphire - Oval (8x6) Blue Sapphire - Pear (9x6) Blue Sapphire - Trillion (8mm) Red Ruby - Trillion (8mm) Red Ruby - Trillion (7mm) Purple Alexandrite - Pear (12x8) Purple Alexandrite - Marquise (12x6) Once we have gathered all the information needed, we will create a wax design model of your piece and schedule a follow-up appointment to show you the design. If you love the design and approve it, we will discuss the pricing for materials and labor, confirm a due date, and finalize the payment to begin the fabrication process. Designs By Dounya pieces are unique, wearable works of art that tell your story and reflect your personal style. Book a virtual consultation today and let us help you create a piece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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